Dentist Chair

Our Clinic

The ‘Archipelago Dentist’ clinic on the beautiful island of Seskarö is a cozy place in old Fridhem.
In a safe and quiet atmosphere, we combine old traditions with the most modern techniques and treatments, in order to have time for you as a whole person.

Our Philosophy

At Archipelago Dentist, we focus on you from a patient’s point of view. We plan throughout so that you get the help you need as quickly as possible, in some cases even acute conditions can have a final treatment at the first visit.


We offer almost all dental treatments and – thanks to the latest technology – can scan your teeth and make your filling, shell facade, crown or bridge directly in our clinic. This means that in most cases we do not need to take imprints, but we use a special camera to scan your teeth. Next we plan and manufacture your treatment directly in house. You are involved in the entire process, and can follow how a special cutting tool manufactures, for example, a crown.
If appropriate for you, no return visit is needed. If the result is not as desired, the manufacturing process can be repeated on the same day. .
The quality is proven for more than 20 years, it will be smoother for you and the price will be as before.

EU Bidrag

We are proud receiver of the European program for urban area development